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Leading company of the region in Hallein since 1953

With brands such as Frosch, Erdal and green care PROFESSIONAL, Werner & Mertz is well established as an innovative company on the European market. In 1867 the company was founded as the “Gebrüder Werner” wax goods factory in Mainz. Today, Reinhard Schneider is the fourth generation to run the family company as managing partner.

Werner & Mertz has been based in Hallein since 1953 and has since been firmly rooted in the Tennengau as a regional leading company. The cleaning agent manufacturer produces among others goods for the brands Frosch, Erdal and green care Professional in Hallein. As a second production facility, the Austrian branch has now around 160 employees. The family company has committed itself entirely to the principles of environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices in the sense of a sustainable recycling economy, numerous awards and prizes confirm the consistent sustainability strategy.

Strong environmental & innovation initiatives across industry boundaries

With the Frosch Initiative and the Recyclate Initiative, Werner & Mertz has been strengthening its sustainability activities beyond the company and the cleaning and detergent industry since 2012. Another pioneering achievement followed in June 2013: for the first time in Europe, with the Frosch Citrus Shower & Bath Cleaner, a cleaning industry product received the ambitious “Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Gold” award. In 2016, the Frosch brand won the “Most Trusted Brand” award as the most trustworthy brand among household cleaners for the 16th time in a row. The year 2019 brought as many as three prestigious awards: owner Reinhard Schneider was awarded the “Deutschen Umweltpreis” and Werner & Mertz won the “Deutschen Verpackungspreis” in two categories: “Nachhaltigkeit” and “Neues Material”. The list of awards and prizes is long and certainly not over, because Werner & Mertz works consistently on sustainable innovations that bring improvements for people and the environment.

Products and services

Consumer brands:

  • Erdal
  • Frosch
  • Frosch Baby
  • emsal
  • tuba
  • tofix
  • rorax
  • bionicdry

Professional brands:

  • green care PROFESSIONAL



Founding of the “Wachswaren- und Siegelfabrik” by the brothers Werner


Entry of Georg Mertz as a participant

→ Werner & Mertz


Development of a new shoe cream and birth of the brand Erdal


Foundation of the production site in Hallein


Establishment of the professional division


Introduction of the brand Frosch, a symbol of ecologically oriented cleaning


Start of EMAS certification


First Cradle to Cradle GOLD Certification


International Cradle to Cradle Award


B.A.U.M. Umweltpreis to Reinhard Schneider for his environmental and sustainability philosophy


Deutscher Verpackungspreis 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019


Owner Reinhard Schneider receives the “Deutschen Verpackungspreis”


The recyclable stand-up pouch from the Frosch brand is the winner of the German Design Awards 2021 in the “Excellent Communications Design – Eco Design” category
Werner & Mertz Hallein
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i.a. Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine;
Asia: Japan, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Cambodia, Philippines, Mongolia, Australia, UAE, Myanmar.
Cleaning agent manufacturer / chemical industry
Contact person
Ingo Frank
Commercial Director Werner & Mertz Hallein

“We want to become the European market and innovation leader in special care. We are concerned with the question of how a sustainable way of life can receive majority support. ”This is the mission of Reinhard Schneider, managing partner and owner of Werner & Mertz GmbH. “Sustainability must be experienced in all business decisions. Only then the usual marketing promises can turn into a convincing company’s real, understandable commitment. This is the only way to build deep consumer trust”.