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For generations, the Backwelt Pilz has been rooted in the Lower Austrian Waldviertel – a region that is characterized by the high-quality products of the family-owned company. As one of the most innovative bakeries in Europe, Backwelt Pilz produces frozen baked products in large quantities, at competitive prices and mostly made of domestic ingredients, also marked on request with the AMA (Austrian Agricultural Market) seal of approval or the AMA organic label.

This is where handcraft meets high-tech: the Backwelt Pilz combines latest technology with attention to detail and manual refinement. These factors are responsible for the special appearance and outstanding quality of the baked goods.

Flexibility is very important to the Backwelt Pilz. The efficient technology enables offering baked products that are individually produced to customer requirements with a wide variety of recipes, shapes, and sizes. When it comes to packaging and delivery, the Backwelt Pilz also takes into account the needs of its customers.

Products and services

The Backwelt Pilz produces its baked goods according to traditional family recipes. Long baking and maturing times guarantee a natural, original taste sensation. The basic recipes usually consist of very few ingredients and are free from additives.


from the original Waldviertler natural sourdough bread over sandwich bread to the rustic “Körndlbrot” (juicy bread with sesame, oat flakes, flaxseed, and sunflower seeds).

  • pre-baked and frozen
  • with organic or conventional ingredients

Small baked products

from “Bärlauchweckerl” (bun with wild garlic) over fitness rolls to classic “Kaisersemmel” (crispy star-cut white bread)

  • pre-baked or pre-cooked and deep-frozen
  • with organic or conventional ingredients



Foundation of the “Backwelt Pilz” as a further development of the Gmünd traditional bakery Pilz, founded in 1904


Construction of the production plant for the production of frozen small baked goods in Schrems


Certifications: Austria Bio Guaranty and International Food Standard


Expansion of the machinery and extension of the portfolio


New plant for the production of high-quality natural sourdough breads


“State Award”


Expansion of production technology and plants


Own brand appearance and direct delivery to customers


Start of export to the USA


Extension of the administration building and redesign of the entrance area


Construction of a new deep-freeze warehouse and a central workshop including spare parts warehouse


Opening of a new drive-in concept for our factory outlet


Construction of a ground-mounted photovoltaic power plant and successful energy management certification according to ISO 50001: Today, we generate about 30% of the electricity we use annually ourselves, using only solar energy.
Backwelt Pilz GmbH
Industriestraße 6
3943 Schrems
+43 2853 61088-0
+43 2853 61088-30
Food products / Agriculture / Forestry
about 90
Export/Foreign share
about 90
Export markets
Italy, Croatia, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, USA, Poland, Czech Republic, and Switzerland
Bearing the National Coat of Arms by commercial enterprises after §68 of the Austrian industrial code
Contact person
Claudia Zierl
Marketing & Corporate Communications

For our company, quality is “ce-real”. We are filled with pride that our company has been bearing the “National Coat of Arms” since 2009. It is both a confirmation and an incentive for us to remain faithful to our philosophy and continue to produce only the finest bread and pastries. This award is highly important for us as it shows the quality of our family business: we are traditional and trend-conscious, regional and export-oriented, down-to-earth and high-tech conscious – and proud of it.