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ZIMM GmbH is an international company with headquarters in Lustenau (Vorarlberg / West Austria), which specializes in screw jacks and, together with ZIMM Germany (Ohorn near Dresden), in industrial and special gears.

The family company was founded in 1977 and supplies today to over 40 countries around the world. With its main product, a modular system for screw jacks, ZIMM offers a versatile program for electromechanical adjustments of linear movements in all directions with loads of up to 100 tons.

The modular ZIMM system kit is designed so that the right screw jack with numerous accessories can be assembled quickly and easily, depending on the application. 13 sizes in fast and slow transmission from 2 kN to 1000 kN, trapezoidal or ball screw spindles, motors, couplings and many more are at disposal for informed choices for particular application. To make this compilation even easier, ZIMM has developed the online product configurator.

Furthermore, we develop and manufacture industrial and special gear units in very compact designs. We also deliver gear parts to you, such as ground spur gears and bevel gear sets. As a medium-sized family company with a long tradition, we possess in-depth know-how in transmission technology and an extensive range of machinery.

depth know-how in transmission technology and an extensive range of machinery.

Products and services

Screw Jack Building Block System:

  • Screw jacks with trapezoidal and ball screws
  • Safety nuts
  • Bevel gearboxes
  • Three phase AC motors and motor flanges
  • Limit switches and rotary pulse encoders
  • Connecting shafts and couplings
  • Attachments (forked ends, Rod ends, pivot bearing ends, fixing flanges, opposed bearing plates,…)
  • Protective covers (bellows, spiral springs)
  • Pivot bearing plates and pivot mounts

Industrial and special gears:

  • Planetary gear
  • Bevel helical gear units
  • Spiral-toothed bevel gears
  • Pump transfer case
  • Custom-made gear parts

ZIMM offers customer-specific advice to achieve tailored solutions that fulfil different requirements. Our daily drive is to meet your requirements and to constantly develop further.



The comany was founded by Jürgen Zimmermann and his family in Bregenz and nowadays delivers to over 40 diffe-rent countries. It began with sales of high-quality transmission parts such as pinions, bevel gears, toothed racks, chains and linear guides.


The Screw Jack Building Block System, which was developed soon became the company‘s flagship product. This modular system offers a flexible programme for the precise electromechanical adjustment of linear movements, and with loads weighing as much as 100 tons (1,000 kN) per screw jack.


Various measuring devices as well as 3D and 4D measuring systems in the house. The company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.


Moved into the new premises in the Millennium Park in Lustenau.


Gunther Zimmermann took over the family firm from father Jürgen. His management has given ZIMM a new lease of life and is continuing with innovative concepts and ideas.




ZIMM USA Inc is founded in Chicago specifically for commercialization in the Americas.


The in-house programmed ZIMM Online product configurator gets a comprehensive function update. Now complete screw jack systems can be constructed.


Presence in Italy has been significantly increased, and ZIMM has got local Italian sales technicians.

ZIMM launches brand new, more powerful Hub Gear Series (ZE-H); with a new design, higher quality, improved continuous load, and optimized gearing for increased service life.


ZIMM Group takes over the Schäfer Group. The German industrial gear specialist CH. Schäfer Getriebe GmbH becomes ZIMM Germany. The extensive machine park and the many years of know-how in gear engineering expand the already broad product range once again, and even greater benefit arises for customers.
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more than 40 countries world wide
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Gunther Zimmermann
General Manager


It is our aspiration at ZIMM to constantly raise the performance and quality of our screw jacks to a new level. We are proud to receive the Austrian national coat of arms award and consider it a confirmation of our commitment to high quality apprenticeship training and management of the company.

Each gear screw jack contains five decades of experience with drive elements. As an owner-managed family business, it is our priority to constantly work on training innovative, creative and competent employees, so that we remain an efficient partner in the future with the best tools in the industry and an exemplary delivery reliability.

Gunther Zimmermann
General Manager ZIMM GmbH