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STIEBEL ELTRON AUSTRIA – Energy-saving technology for well-being

STIEBEL ELTRON, founded in 1924, is one of the leading companies in the market for renewable energies, heating and building technology, with a global annual turnover of over 1.2 billion euros. As an innovative family business, STIEBEL ELTRON follows a clear line in the development of products – for environmentally friendly, efficient and comfortable domestic technology. With around 5,200 employees worldwide, STIEBEL ELTRON consistently relies on its know-how from product development to production. This results in efficient solutions for hot water, heating, ventilation and cooling. The company founder, Dr. Theodor Stiebel, set out with the vision of realising innovative products with low energy consumption, more safety and more comfort.

An objective that is still valid today. With its extensive product range, STIEBEL ELTRON offers flexible product solutions to make homes fit for the future. Since the beginning, technical innovations, quality and goal-oriented customer service have been key success factors. With 26 sales companies worldwide as well as sales organisations and representatives in over 120 countries, STIEBEL ELTRON is well positioned.

The Austrian subsidiary in Hörsching near Linz, is the oldest subsidiary in the group – it was founded back in 1972 and is one of the leading distributors of heat pumps and ventilation systems. “STIEBEL ELTRON will continue to strengthen its position as one of the key market leaders in Europe as demand for heat pumps continues to grow strongly. Homeowners are looking for alternatives to oil, coal and gas. The future belongs to heating systems such as heat pump solutions that use renewable energy,” knows STIEBEL ELTRON Austria Managing Director Thomas Mader.

Products and services

Water and heat in the green: With STIEBEL ELTRON you are connected to the most environmentally friendly, inexpensive and crisis-proof energy supplier in the world: nature. Modern technology offers the opportunity to reduce the energy expenditure for your own. Heat pumps and ventilation systems allow renewable energy to be used in private households.

  • Heat pump (heating costs can be reduced by 50%)

The heat pump uses energy from the ground, groundwater or ambient air, multiplies it and makes it available for your building. Heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water preparation is also possible with a heat pump system. STIEBEL ELTRON heat pumps are appropriately prepared for the use of smart home and control via app. 100% CO2-free operation is possible if renewable energies are used.

  • Ventilation (viruses & bacteria are largely filtered out)

Modern ventilation systems ensure optimal air exchange without wasting energy, viruses and bacteria. Depending on the device, they also provide heating and hot water. Mobile ventilation systems are often used in classrooms, for example, to ensure clean room air.


National Coat of Arms

STIEBEL ELTRON AUSTRIA is officially “bearer of the Austrian national coat of arms”. Thomas Mader: “As STIEBEL ELTRON AUSTRIA is comprehensively committed to the field of renewable energies and thus makes a valuable contribution to climate protection, we see the award of the national coat of arms as an important sign of responsibility for the successor generations.”


Stiebel Eltron GmbH
Margaritenstrasse 4A
4063 Hörsching bei Linz
+43 7221 74600-0
75 (international 5.200)
Contact person
Ing. Thomas Mader