Company profile

For over 130 years, the name Siemens has stood for technological competence, innovation, quality, and reliability in Austria. Siemens AG Österreich is one of the leading technology companies in the country. Business focuses on the areas of industry, energy, and healthcare, as well as on infrastructure solutions, especially for cities and urban areas. Siemens has a total of roughly 12,550 employees in Austria. Within the world-wide Siemens Group, Siemens Austria holds operational responsibility for 18 countries in Central and Southeastern Europe.

Products and services

The company’s operations are divided into the Sectors of Energy, Healthcare, Industry, and Infrastructure & Cities. Its spectrum of products and services ranges from power generation and transmission, medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and hospital information technology to end-to-end automation systems, industrial software, and sustainable technologies for urban population centers and the related infrastructure – including products, systems, and solutions for intelligent traffic management, rail transport, smart grids, energy-efficient buildings, and safety and security solutions.


When Arnold von Siemens, the eldest son of Werner von Siemens, was named head of the “Vienna Technical Office of Siemens & Halske, Berlin” on October 23, 1879, the 26-year-old took on a tremendous responsibility in a time of technological and social upheaval. A new technological and industrial era had begun with the advent of the combustion engine and electrification. The “illumination of the cities,” the telephone, and the electric railroad ushered in all of the aspects we associate with the phenomena of globalization, a changing working world, and the communication age today. Siemens played a major role in all of these technological advances in Austria and all over the world and is still a driver of innovation in our society today.

National Coat of Arms

The state coat of arms is a distinction for companies that stand for quality and innovative strength in Austria. Siemens Austria is proud to have carried this honor since 1974. We see it as confirmation of the course we have been taking in this country for decades. Every day, all of Siemens’ employees in Austria help to ensure that our country is among the top economies in the world through their expertise, thirst for knowledge, and dedication.

Siemens AG Österreich
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Siemens AG Österreich: 8,300
Siemens in Austria: 12,550
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