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Since being founded in 1946 the Kickinger company has been developing consistently and has become an important employer in the region with around 180 employees. As a regional company, Kickinger LLC sees itself as part of the community and considers it its obligation to play an active role in shaping social environments. Kickinger LLC is therefore actively committed to the cultural and social life in a variety of ways through Kickinger’s culture promotion and social engagement. Since 2012, the Kickinger company has been dealing intensively with the quality of indoor air and the effect of harmful substances in the air on the health. With around 120 built healthy living single-family houses, i. e. houses with particularly low polluted indoor air, Kickinger is the market leader in healthy construction in Austria.

The Kickinger company has been awarded with the National Coat of Arms not only for its innovations in the field of certified indoor air quality and latest eco-friendly mixing plant in Neulengbach, but above all for the generally excellent quality as well as for the reputation of a respected company with the best credit in the region.

Products and services

With its six divisions KICKINGER covers all areas of construction and is therefore the right contact for any construction project.

Healthy living and energy-efficient master builder’s house with certified indoor air quality

Chimney reconstruction with chimney and master builder’s know-how

Suitable for every demand

KICKINGER-master builder works
Master builder works of any kind – high-quality and personal

Renovation of any kind– efficient and und cost-effective

KICKINGER- construction materials
Best consulting, wide choice



The Kickinger construction company founded by Franz Kickinger, sen., in 3072 Kasten 16


Relocation of the company to the new site in 3071 Böheimkirchen, Neustiftgasse 42


The company taken over by Franz Kickinger, jun., engineer


Construction of a new concrete mixing plant with integrated, eco-friendly recycling plant in Böheimkirchen


Takeover of an existing concrete mixing plant in 3040 Neulengbach, Markersdorf 108


Conversion of the single company into the limited liability company


Extension of the location in Böheimkirchen


The company taken over by Harald Schrittwieser, master builder engineer, as technical director and Werner Bathelt, MA, as commercial director


Construction of a microprocessor-controlled concrete mixing plant with mixed concrete recycling at the Neulengbach site


Construction of the first healthy living KICKINGER houses with certified indoor air quality
Hoch- und Tiefbau, Transportbeton, Baustoffe, Baumeister Ing. Franz Kickinger Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Neustiftgasse 42
3071 Böheimkirchen

+43 2743 2364
+43 2743 2364 10
Export markets
Field of activity
Master builder in accordance with § 157 of Trade Regulation Act (GewO) 1973, construction materials trade, planning activity (planning master builder), production of ready mixed concrete

Contact person
Werner Bathelt, MA
commercial director

Werner Bathelt, MA, commercial director of Kickinger LLC: “We are glad to have received the National Coat of Arms award. It is only companies, which provide highest standard services on a daily basis and occupy a leading and generally respected position in their industry, may hold this hallmark. It is an acknowledgement for the performance of all employees and business partners.“

Harald Schrittwieser, master builder engineer, technical director of Kickinger LLC: „As a master builder company, we put particular value on careful, expert advice and quality building. Customer focus, quality consciousness and the “building for life” aspiration are our central values. The award with the National Coat of Arms shows us that we build on the right values.“