Company profile

Heidenbauer realizes projects that combine aesthetics, precision and elegance and are the best the metal construction sector has to offer. Quality awareness is an essential part of Heidenbauer and the driving force within our organization for the execution of our customers, projects. Working with high quality metals in combination with glass has become our core competence.

The Heidenbauer Group covers all of the professional trades in metal construction, along with the trades of building tinsmith and bitumen roofers and consists of these sectors:

  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Metal construction
  • Roofing/Facades

We realise high-quality architectural concepts and solutions. Our constructions shape the space around us and stimulate the aesthetic interaction between people and architecture. This has been our vision since 1946.

Products and services

Heidenbauer Aluminium:
The Aluminium division of the group produces and creates facade-systems, metal-glass-facades as well as customised glass-constructions. They also manage the development and execution of commercial, industrial and private architecturally high-quality construction projects.

Heidenbauer Steel:
The steel division of the group specialises in steel construction and structural engineering within both the industrial and commercial sectors. Bridge construction and industrial facilities also shape the steel division of the Heidenbauer Group.

Heidenbauer Stainless Steel:
The stainless steel division of the group has perfected the construction of high-end stainless steel swimming pools. The stainless steel division boasts excellent references when it comes to designer pools and spa-facilities in both the private and hotel sectors. Heidenbauer Stainless Steel also specialises in medical facilities and high-quality interiors.

Heidenbauer Metal Construction:
Depending on the clients needs, this division specialises in custom-built constructions using steel, aluminium and stainless steel. Amongst other things, the product palette includes portal and retail construction and renovation, canopies, stainless steel stairs, refined shop extensions, elevator cladding, as well as refurbishments of listed buildings

Heidenbauer Roofs & Facades:
The roofs+facades division offers system-solutions for roofing in various designs within the private, commercial and industrial sectors. Metalwork, roofing and bituminous surfacing as well as membrane surfacing round off the project portfolio. Roofs+facades also specialise in wall-panelling-systems.

Heidenbauer Group
Brandstetter Strasse 30
8600 Bruck/Mur
0043 3862 53 225
approx. 200
Export markets
Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Contact person
Angelika Kulec
Assistant to the Management Board

Being awarded the Austrian National coat of arms emphasizes the mind-set of quality that we live at Heidenbauer. Our customers expect innovation, on-time delivery and quality of product; these determine our corporate culture at Heidenbauer. The Austrian National coat of arms is an acknowledgement of our commitment to endorsing the Austrian business values.

Batoor Khan, Managing partner of the Heidenbauer Group