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Hairdreams Haarhandels GmbH in Graz is an international provider of professional hair lengthening and thickening methods. The product range contains hair extensions and hair thickening made from high-grade, hand-selected real hair, as well as special products for the stimulation of natural hair growth.

Hairdreams is the leading international provider of professional hair lengthening and hair thickening, and the preferred partner of many high-profile hair stylists all over the world. Hairdreams’ strong market position and outstanding reputation are based on its exceptional innovation and consistent focus on quality. With new, mostly patented technologies for natural hair integration such as the “Laserbeamer System” for automated hair extensions or the “MicroLines System” for particularly natural hair thickening, Hairdreams continues to set standards and is the trendsetter in its industry. Most recently, Hairdreams caused a sensation with the innovative #iNSPOS hair extension system. It contains a new type of modified human hair, which is not only characterized by more length, fullness and bounce, but also ensures that hairstyles styled with straightening irons or curling irons retain their shape for an extremely long time.

Hairdreams goes above and beyond when it comes to the procurement and refinement of the raw hair used in its products. Only the healthiest hair with an origin of impeccable integrity will be used.

In view of the fact that more and more people are suffering from hair loss, Hairdreams also offers its customers an innovative hair regeneration therapy. A scientific study by the dermatology clinic at the University of Lübeck confirms the outstanding effect of this therapy on persons with genetic hair loss: an increase in natural hair growth of up to 23% and an effect that is up to 7 times stronger than that of market-leading active ingredients.


Products and services

  • Hairdreams hair (varieties “7 Stars”, “5 Stars”, “#iNSPOS”)
  • Hair extension systems with bondings (“Hairdreams Laserbeamer”, “Hairdreams FreeStyler”)
  • Hair extension systems with tapes (“Hairdreams Quikkies”, “Hairdreams Quikkies Secrets”, “Hairdreams #iNSPOS”)
  • Hair extensions with wefts (“Hairdreams DreamWefts”)
  • Hair replacement and hair thickening systems (“Hairdreams MicroLines”, “Hairdreams MediWig”)
  • Hair regeneration therapy (“Hairdreams Stop&Grow“, “Stop&Grow for Men”)
  • Hair care product line
  • Hair accessories



Company founding by Gerhard Ott in Graz. Start research and development of new, company-owned systems for professional hair extensions made from 100% real hair. Exclusive distribution via salon partners


Introduction of patented hair thickening system “Hairdreams MicroLines” providing long-lasting, natural volume for thinning hair


Introduction of real hair wigs (“Hairdreams MediWig”) and toupees (“Hairdreams Folium”)


Market leader for professional premium hair extensions and hair thickening in Europe


Market launch in the USA


Introduction of the “Laserbeamer” system for fast, easy and automated hair extension application  as well as ergonomic bonding points (“Hairdreams ComfortPoints”) for improved wearing comfort


Introduction of an automated system for hair extension removal (“Hairdreams easyStripper”)


Introduction of tape-in hair extension system “Hairdreams Quikkies”, used for semi-permanent hair extensions and trendy color/style effects


Introduction of “Laserbeamer NANO” system for fully automated, extra-fast application of professional hair lengthening and hair thickening


Introduction of “Hairdreams Stop&Grow”, an innovative therapy to help combat hair loss and stimulate natural hair growth


2019 Introduction of “Quikkies SECRETS” – an innovative tape hair extension for completely invisible hair extensions where the additional hair appears to grow directly from the scalp


Introduction of the “FreeStyler” system for the creation of professional bonding hair extensions and thickening adapted to individual wishes and needs. Ergonomic design and innovative technology ensure comfortable handling and fulfillment of (almost) every hairstyle dream.


Introduction of the “iNSPOS” tape hair extensions for use with straightening irons and curling irons. A new, specially refined human hair type provides a significant increase in shine, fullness and bounce and ensures that hairstyles stay in shape much longer than usual.


Introduction of “DreamWefts” system for the particularly gentle and trouble-free creation of temporary to permanent human hair extensions and thickening with the help of wefts.
Hairdreams Haarhandels GmbH
Floraquellweg 9
8051 Graz
+43 316 6057 0
Export/Foreign share
Export markets
to over 50 countries worldwide
The company carries the national crest for commercial establishments, in accordance with §68 GewO, since 2013.
Contact person
Sandra Schmidbauer, International Sales Director
Michael Zenz, General Manager

With luxurious, premium real hair products, “Made in Austria“ and a great passion for the salon business, Hairdreams now holds a leading position in more than 50 countries worldwide. Our professional hair lengthening and hair thickening systems as well as our anti-hairloss system have an excellent reputation around the world.

We are honored to be awarded with the Austrian national crest and proud to be contributors to the innovative strength and competitiveness of Austria as an international business hub.

This award gives us additional motivation to make, also in the future with the same dedication, the hair dreams of more and more customers around the globe come true and make them a little happier and more satisfied.

Sandra Schmidbauer
International Sales Director
Hairdreams Haarhandels GmbH