Dr. Harald Mahrer, President of the Austrian Economic Chamber

Our quality knows no bounds

The performance of Austrian companies in value and job creation is more important than ever, particularly in challenging times. Social stability needs economic dynamism. Every day our enterprises demonstrate how challenges can be turned into new opportunities. They tackle and implement, and that is what matters to all of us.

Austria has a diverse economic landscape with one big common denominator: strong focus on quality, due to well-grounded education and ambitious entrepreneurship. We also score high abroad with this. Many “hidden champions” – top class players in the global markets and stars in niche markets – come from Austria.

We are striving more than ever to continue the success story of the domestic export industry in the future with continuously improved framework conditions. For this purpose the Austrian Economic Chamber is expanding its international presence and ensuring that our companies have access to international innovation know-how.

We use different instruments to make the performance of our companies visible for Austria. One of them is the Austrian national coat of arms. This special award is given to those companies that have made a special contribution to Austria as a business location. The awards of the past years show that size or industry are not crucial factors. Our small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are impressive players and flagships for Austria as a business location.

On this point, I would like to thank all companies for their achievements for Austria. Since their quality knows no bounds, Austria is straight on course to the future even in challenging times.