Company profile

ARDEX is an international, family-owned industrial company that supplies high quality special building materials and modern application technology for building construction.

Our products have been developed for the professional user and are sold exclusively through specialized wholesalers.

ARDEX products help solve problems and streamline work processes through simple and safe application processes. Foresighted, environmentally conscious research and development as well as complete product testing guarantee the high ARDEX quality standard and create the basis for long-term, partnership-based cooperation with wholesalers and users.

ARDEX strives to provide quality work through a wide range of technical advice and support – together with the wholesaler and the craftsman.

We have found an optimal production site for ARDEX Baustoff GmbH in the heart of Lower Austria. The geographic location is a good precondition for being able to reach our customers quickly and efficiently – also for the support of our south and south-east European export markets. Most of the raw materials for our production come from the region. The transport routes are thus limited to around 5 km for the main raw materials. That makes perfect sense, both economically and ecologically.

Sustainable building is the concept of the future in the construction and real estate industry. ARDEX is a pioneer in the field of highly efficient building materials. ARDEX building materials are created in the ultra-modern and energy-efficient production facility. Ecology and economy are the top priorities at ARDEX. Climate change calls for once valuable resources to be used sparingly. We offer products that are not only easy to process and low in emissions, but also last a long time. Our products are characterized by their durability and high yield. Less material also means less handling, transport and packaging waste on the construction site. And last but not least, ARDEX sets standards in terms of the durability of its products. This means that system solutions are also available for professional renovation and compaction.

ARDEX not only offers products, but complete solutions. We see ourselves as a system provider who adjusts the standards to the needs of customers and business partners directly on the construction site safely and sustainably, using his services, products or solutions. ARDEX creates the best connections with safe products from AUSTRIA! Since the 1980s the ARDEX Group has been continuously developing products that meet ecological and sustainable criteria. To this end, high internal standards have been established and developed. Sustainability has been a high priority at ARDEX for years. Many of our products are already particularly low-emission and environmentally friendly. ARDEX focuses on developing new products that meet important sustainability criteria. These include, for example, the share of renewable raw materials, the CO2 emissions during production and the pollutant emissions after processing. But technical criteria – such as how high-yielding the product is – also play a role, such as the wall filler ARDEX A 828 COMFORT, which already meets these criteria.

ARDEX Austria is a subsidiary of the ARDEX Group from Witten/North Rhine-Westphalia. The non-corporate, independent family company is represented in over 100 countries worldwide and employs 3,967 people.

Total sales worldwide: 1 billion euros.

The ARDEX plant in Loosdorf/Lower Austria supplies the domestic market as well as the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Italy and Turkey.

Products and services

  • Tile adhesive for tiles, natural stones and insulating materials
  • Grouts for tiles and marble
  • Silicone sealants for the construction sector
  • Waterproofing under ceramic tiling
  • Primers and bonding bridges
  • Floor fillers for leveling and leveling subfloors
  • Floor covering and parquet adhesives for rubber coverings, carpet, parquet etc.
  • Wall fillers for smoothing wall and ceiling surfaces
  • Shell products for concrete cosmetics and repair
  • Rapid cements/screeds

With PANDOMO®, a modern system for surface design was introduced that leaves all possibilities of architectural design open.

  • PANDOMO® Wall – seamless wall surfaces, individually tailored to your needs.
  • PANDOMO® Floor – free and creative floor design with almost unlimited colors and designs.
  • PANDOMO® Terrazzo – elegant floor design with a classic terrazzo look.


ARDEX stoneCARPET offers natural stone in perfection. And in two ways: as a liquid laid natural stone carpet|stone carpet or as a robust natural stone covering|mortar covering.

All variants have one thing in common: they are the best alternative and combine the style of modern marble stone or traditional quartz with the highest comfort!

In addition to the product quality, a competent advisory team for specialist companies is available on site and ensures that the right product selection and processing is always made.


We are proud of our awards!

VBÖ Trophy for the most trade-friendly industry
Annual professional survey and evaluation of 5 criteria by VBÖ (Association of building materials dealers in Austria) member survey. We at ARDEX Baustoff GmbH are very proud that we have always been among the top places since 1996.

The BEST IN THE INDUSTRY, Overall: 1996, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022

TUV EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015
For these systems, a company must operate according to the principle of sustainability: to protect resources and the environment. One has to achieve exceptional technical performance, carry out the strictest quality controls, have an excellent company organization, and select the raw materials with particular care.

Austria quality mark
Products provided with the Austria quality mark have a quality that is above the norm and give the customer the certainty of getting the best in the respective product sector.

National coat of arms of Austria
The precondition for receiving this award is that the company has provided exceptional services for the Austrian economy and that it holds a leading position in the relevant branch of industry nationwide.

Great place to work
In the “Great Place To Work 2017” competition, ARDEX was voted Austria’s best employer in the “Companies with 50 to 250 employees” category! In this regard, a heartfelt thank you to all our employees, without whom this success would not have come about . For this evaluation an anonymous survey of the employees on the topics of credibility, respect and fairness of the management, identification with their own work and the employer as a whole and the quality of cooperation in the company was decisive.

ARDEX Baustoff GmbH
Hürmer Straße 40
3382 Loosdorf
+43 2754 7021-0
+43 2754 7021-225
weltweit 3.697
Export/Foreign share
30 %
Export markets
Central and Eastern Europe, Italy, Turkey
Contact person
Dr. Gunther Sames
Managing Director

Being a part of an international family-owned group of companies, we proudly wear this award as an Austrian company! It underlines our own high quality standards for our system products and services. As a quality provider and market leader in the field of tile adhesives and fillers, we do not make any compromises and follow a straight path. Every part of the company is aware of the associated responsibility for ARDEX Baustoff GmbH. All of our employees make their contributions. It is the ARDEX team that makes success possible. The key lies in correct communication and efficient cooperation beyond company boundaries! We must succeed to create, convey and live common values. We do everything to exceed our customers’ expectations. This only works with a sincere relationship between the business people and a strong team. We see this award as an incentive for the future development of our company.