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Wiener Linien are the first choice when it comes to mobility within the metropolis of Vienna. The company even sets new standards internationally for an integrated and modern public transport management. Wiener Linien are focused on customer satisfaction and committed to provide the best possible service. The combination of its high level customer service, favourable ticket prices and not least its awareness of social and environmental responsibility, leads to the great success of the Wiener Linien.
With more than 8,750 employees Wiener Linien are one of Vienna’s major employers. The Staff from 27 different countries is just as diverse as the City itself.  They work in dozens of different professions such as mechanics, technicians, electricians, station supervisors or demand planner. Their dedication around the clock is contributing to the maintenance of a city worth living in.

Products and services

Wiener Linien conduct five underground lines, 29 tram and 127 bus routes in the Vienna city area. The well efficient network is approx. 1,150 km long and has about 5,450 stops, and transported over 939 million passengers in 2015. 39% of all trips made by the Viennese are made by public transport, which puts the car usage (27 %) clearly on second place.
All services of Wiener Linien ensure that the mobility requirements of the city of Vienna and the satisfaction of the passengers are met in the best possible way. Wiener Linien does this by working on continuous development of their services and their targeted innovations and improvements. Wiener Linien’s success is also testified by the impressive number of 700,000 annual pass holders.



First horse-drawn tram Schottenring-Hernals


Founding of the “Neue Wiener Tramway-Gesellschaft”


The City takes over most of tram lines, this is considered as the founding of the Wiener Linien


Initial startup of the first subsection of the “Wiener elektrischen Stadtbahn” which is an early prototype of today underground train


Wiener Stadtwerke founded (power plants, gaswork, transport services)


Municipal decision of planning the underground core structure


First operation of the subsection Friedensbrücke – Roßauerlände U4 underground


activation of the subsection Karlsplatz – Reumannplatz U1


Completion of the underground core structure


activation of the U3 underground


Wiener Stadtwerke-Verkehrsbetriebe converted into a corporation under private law


U2 underground is extended to the stadium by 5 stations


Underground lines begin operating during the night at weekends and before public holidays


Opening of the U2 line extension from Aspernstrasse to Seestadt


Modernisation of the U4 underground line
Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG
Erdbergstrasse 202
1031 Vienna
+43 1 79090
+43 1 79092-4609
rund 8.750
Contact person
Mag. Answer Lang, MAS
Head of communication

Wiener Linien move more than 2.5 million people a day quickly, safely and reliably from A to B and also rank among the best international urban mobility service providers. Our more than 8.700 employees make a major contribution every day to the quality of living in Vienna. In order to ensure this for the future generations, we invest into the development of our network and the modernisation of our fleet.

We are glad to be awarded and appreciate this as recognition of our success.

DI Günter Steinbauer
CEO Wiener Linien