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The TTI Personaldienstleistung GmbH & Co KG, headquartered in the market town of St. Florian near Linz, with 12 branches throughout Austria and locations in Austria, Germany and Malta, has been among the leading personnel service providers in the country since its establishment in 1989.  On average TTI, repeatedly certified and distinguished, keeps around 2,900 employees with more than 700 well-known customers.  TTI is a reliable partner in all matters relating to personnel management, from classic staffing to specific human resources consulting services.

Regional, national, international

When it comes to finding top managers, recruiting staff for service anywhere in the country or finding the specialized personnel needed for international projects, TTI is the competent link in the region, nationally and internationally!

Products and services

  • personnel leasing
  • personnel procurement
  • payroll services
  • integration leasing
  • master vendoring
  • on-site management



New opening of the TTI Austria branch in Croatia


Reopening of the TTI Austria branches in Bruck an der Mur and Spielberg


Reopening of the TTI Austria branches in Graz, Gleisdorf, Innsbruck, Stockerau and Hollabrunn


Mr. Markus Archan, MSc becomes managing director of TTI Personaldienstleistung GmbH & Co KG

Donau Personal GmbH Merger into TTI Personaldienstleistung GmbH & Co KG as part of an assert deal | Opening of the Krems branch

New opening of the Wieselburg branch


Takeover of the TTI Group by Mag. Klaus Lercher, MBA


Establishment of Jobs Experts Industrieservice GmbH, subsidiary of Jobs Experts Zeitarbeit GmbH

KommR Johann Höfler, MBA ends his function as operational managing director and switches to the advisory board of the TTI Group


Mr. Alexander Hüttner becomes Managing Director for Sales in TTI Personaldienstleistung GmbH & Co KG

Relocation of the Salzburg branch to a new location.

Spin-off of the TTI’s employees procurement division into a subsidiary Squadra Personalmanagement GmbH and merger of Squadra Personal Services GmbH with Squadra Personalmanagement GmbH


TTI Personaldienstleistung GmbH & Co KG takes over the branches Pasching and Ried from Squadra Personal Services GmbH.

Relocation of the Linz branch to a new location.

Merger of TTI Personalservice GmbH and TTI Personaldienstleistung GmbH & Co KG with its branches in Raaba and Saalfelden.

Acquiring interest of 73% in DONAU Personaldienstleistung GmbH in Krems.


Takeover of MPS Personalservice GmbH and founding TTI Personalservice GmbH with headquarters in Gralla and two branches in Raaba und Saalfelden.

Relocation of the branch on Vienna from 8th District to 10th District


Takeover of the company’s interest of TTI Personaldienstleistung GmbH in Germany

Mr. Helmut Huber leaves the company. Mr. Siegfried Pröll becomes the new Managing Director for Finance.


Founding of TTI International Ltd. headquartered in Malta

Founding of Jobs Experts Zeitarbeit GmbH
TTI has new top management: Mr. Johann F. Höfler, Councillor of Commerce, MBA becomes the chairman of the management board, Mr. Helmut Huber becomes Managing Director for Finance, and Mr. Panholzer, engineer, MBA becomes Managing Director for Sales, Marketing and Communication


TTI is awarded the Austrian Mark of Quality for Personnel Leasing

Relocation of branches in Klagenfurt, Amstetten,and Altach

Opening of a branch in Asten, Ziegelweg 2

Majority interest in Squadra Personal Services GmbH


TTI is awarded the prize of Umwelt-Juwel 2010 for design of 2010 prize for design of the company’s area in St. Florian

TTI reaches the 12th place at Austria’s Leading Companies competition in the category Golden Central Structures

Election of the company’s Council

Helmut Huber becomes member of the company’s top management

Investing in a stake in IQ-Zeitarbeit


Relocation of the TTI headquarters to the new location St. Florian

Open Day – opening of the new TTI group headquarters

Takeover of Time&Work

TTI is awarded the Austrian national Coat of Arms

Reopening of branches in Wels and Amstetten


First-time employment of more than 1.800 temporary employees

Relocation of the branch in Steyr


Inclusion of 100,000 applicants in the TTI database


SCP Certification in acc. with the management system SCP 2004

Reopening of the branches in Graz and Klagenfurt


TTI reaches second place in “Austria’s Leading Companies”

Nomination and award of TTI for the “Golden Securitas” (an award of the Austria’s national accident insurance institution and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce)

Reopening of the branch in Salzburg


ISO Certification in acc. with EN ISO 9001:2000 (process orientation)

First-time employment of more than 1.000 temporary employees

Expansion and rebuild of the branch in Linz


Opening of branch in Wels


Training of three apprentices in the newly created teaching profession “Personnel service assistant”


Opening of branches in Steyr, twice in Linz und in Attnang-Puchheim


Opening of branches in Amstetten and Salzburg
Reopening of headquarters in Asten after reconstruction

First-time employment of more than 800 employees


Opening of the second branch in Vienna‘s 21st District
ARES Ltd: first subsidiary of TTI in Germany


Opening of branches in Graz, Klagenfurt, and Innsbruck


ISO certification
First-time employment of more than 500 employees
Opening of the first branch in Vienna‘s 10th District


TTI reaches the 12th place among 2,200 participants at the TOP 100 Young Entrepreneur Competition


First-time employment of more than 100 employees

Relocation of the headquarters from Pasching to Asten


Company foundation in Pasching, Upper Austria by Mr. Johann F. Höfler, Councillor of Commerce,  MBA with the signing of the articles of incorporation

National Coat of Arms

As an expression of public recognition for exceptional operational services TTI was distinguished as a successful Austrian company and an attractive employee on the domestic market.  The staff at TTI Personaldienstleistung GmbH & Co KG, which has been repeatedly certified and distinguished, view the Austrian national Coat of Arms as a mark of quality, providing the motivation and incentive to establish the position of TTI even more firmly on the market.

TTI Personaldienstleistung GmbH & Co KG
TTI-Platz 1
4490 St. Florian
+43 5 7505
+43 5 7505 7950
Contact person
Markus Archan, MSc
Managing Director