Company profile

Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG is an international waste management and recycling company based in Feldkirchen near Graz. The environmental pioneer was founded in 1979 with the ambition to make a contribution to a livable environment every day. Today, the family-owned company is a competent partner for around 1,600 municipalities and over 40,000 companies and employs around 3,100 people in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, and Abu Dhabi. The company has multiple certifications and has won numerous awards and prizes, including, e. g., TRIGOS, Energy Globe Austria Award, BGF seal of quality.

With its vision “Zero Waste” the company pursues the guiding principle of leaving no waste at all. The claim is to make all materials recyclable, i. e. processing them at the end of their life cycle in such a way, that ever higher percentage of the source material is recycled and thus led into an (almost infinite) cycle.

As the Leader in Waste Intelligence, the company is actively exploiting the opportunities of automation and digitization in order to provide its customers with more personalized solutions and services.

Products and services

Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG offers tailor-made disposal and recycling solutions for all hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The service portfolio includes customer-specific advice around all disposal and recycling issues including conception, the provision of suitable container systems, the collection of waste disposal intervals as required, as well as the processing, recycling and disposal of waste. If required, qualified waste or hazardous goods advisers are also provided, for example. Frequently booked services include file and data destruction, sewer, tank, and oil separator cleaning, construction site services and laboratory analysis. At the same time, Saubermacher offers a range of digital solutions, such as the Daheim service app, the e-shop, the disposal app, customer portals and apps in the field of ​​facility management or plant logistics.



Establishment in the south-eastern Styria Gnas, first contracts from Styrian municipalities, start of waste paper disposal, hazardous waste collection, hospital and refrigerator disposal, introduction of the 3-ton system in Austria.


Establishment of waste disposal service Krems, first chemical physical treatment plant for liquid waste, expansion to Eastern Europe (Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and the Czech Republic), introduction of complete removal systems, takeover of Schauperl, Austria‘s first waste disposal firm to attain the ISO 9002-certificate, establishment of Saubermacher Mürztal.


Start of the municipal partnership with the municipality of Mödling, first presentation of the Hans Roth Environmental Award, opening of the world’s most modern production facility for the production of alternative fuels, certification of the waste disposal specialist, new waste collection center in Kapfenberg, new splitting plant in Vienna, establishment of Saubermacher Romania and Bulgaria, takeover of Rumpold AG with over 1,100 employees, opening of the laboratory clug.


Opening of Saubermacher Ecoport in Feldkirchen near Graz, commissioning of the first waste gas vehicle powered by natural gas in Vienna, opening of the research facility in Graz, start of waste disposal with local partners in Abu Dhabi, acquisition of the world’s leading battery recycling company Redux Recycling, opening of the Physical-Biological Treatment Plant in Premstätten, Opening of the old electrical waste processing plant in St. Michael, launch of the service app “Daheim”, start of the e-shop “” as well as Go Live of the disposal app “”.
Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG
Hans-Roth-Straße 1
8073 Feldkirchen bei Graz
+43 59 800
+43 59 800 1099
Export/Foreign share
33 % (as of 2017, measured by total revenues)
Export markets
Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Abu Dhabi
Lines of business

  • Waste logistics
  • Waste disposal
  • Outsourcing
  • Recycling
  • Environmental engineering

Contact person
Bernadette Triebl-Wurzenberger, M. A.
Head of Corporate Communications


„Awarding the Federal coat of arms of Republic of Austria in September 2006, Federal Minister Dr. Martin Bartenstein distinguished Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG as an “exemplary domestic enterprise”. The Minister of economy also paid tribute to our pioneering efforts in areas of waste disposal and environmental protection as well as to our engagement in transfer of environmental know-how to Central and Eastern Europe. The national coat of arms shows our customers that they can rely on Austria’s leading private waste disposal and recycling company in the long term.”


KR Hans Roth, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Saubermacher AG