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It was in 1914 when Ludwig Palmers laid the cornerstone for a very special company that owes its success to outstanding performance in the fields of product standards and customer service. More than any other intimates brand, Austria’s leader in the lingerie sector is reliably at the forefront when it comes to adopting the latest trends and creating sensuous, sophisticated ladies’ lingerie – always in keeping with the company’s motto of offering exclusive quality and outstanding aesthetic value at affordable prices.
With its entrepreneurial spirit and openness to new developments, Palmers has not only remained a cutting-edge company but is also a likable, down-to-earth and extremely popular brand. Time and again, Palmers has set new accents and standards, in this way establishing itself as a top international brand. In the franchising sector, too, the pioneering character of Palmers is evident, as the first Palmers shops opened their doors to customers already in 1936.
Today, Palmers is active at 299 locations in 17 countries, operating its own stores, shop-in-shop concepts and franchise outlets both in Austria and abroad.

Products and services

Palmers is considered an innovation leader in the field of lingerie and convinces customers with its extensive range of seductive lingerie, enchanting swimwear, comfortable nightwear, chic loungewear, sensuous hosiery and cool designs for men of today.
In addition to the high quality and aesthetic appeal of its lingerie, Palmers moreover scores with its highly personalised, competent and all-around excellent customer service.


In 1914, Ludwig Palmers founded the first “green” undergarment store, in due course specialising in top-end hosiery and exclusive lingerie. As early as in 1927, fully eight branch stores were operating in Austria.

In the 1930s, Walter Palmers implemented the modern franchise concept, which furthered the expansion process. In the difficult period of the Second World War, Palmers learnt to improvise by launching the then revolutionary “Strumpfzauber” (Stocking Magic), a colouring liquid that was applied to the legs to make stockingless legs appear silk-clad.

Yet alongside its innovative products, the history of Palmers is very much a history of the company’s advertising campaigns as well. Thus it is hardly surprising that the first Palmers poster “scandal” erupted in the 1950s, resulting in an unexpected publicity boost for the enterprise. Over the decades, star photographers such as Elfriede Semotan or Herb Ritts created many spectacular images for Palmers campaigns.

By the 1990s, the sexy Palmers campaigns had in fact become a fixture of Vienna’s street advertising.

In 2000, Palmers opened up a new distribution channel with its first online shop, thus realising the potential of the online market at a very early date.

Today, Palmers symbolises innovative products, high quality and superlative service more than ever before – far beyond Austria’s borders.

Palmers Textil AG
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+43 1 357 0000
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Marc Wieser, Tino Wieser and Matvei Hutman
Managing Directors

Finally, however, it is about our customers who have shown their loyalty to Palmers for more than a century and to whom we owe our success. For only those enterprises will prevail who understand and recognise their customers and the needs that go with them. Palmers customers traditionally appreciate our innovations, the sensuality of our products and our highly professional service. Our customers are unique – each and everyone in her or his own way. And it is the task of Palmers to offer perfect support in every situation, for every customer’s own, incomparable style.

Marc Wieser
Management Board