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Margreiter Technik Hans Hilscher GmbH is a family owned company which is specialized in product marking of almost any kinds.
The wide product range covers a variety of technologies that are sold and used not only in Austria but also increasingly in Germany, Europe and Asia.
The product range includes brands like Pryor, Telos, Marsh, Coloris, Alk and many more, which are a guarantee of high quality products for your marking tasks.
Especially in the last years, our company consistently promoted internationalization leading to an export rate of approximately 70%.

Products and services

The product range convers a large number of different technologies for the identification, marking, labelling and safety of your products.
Marking: Indenting numbers, letters or logos in metal, plastics, wood and other material. Brand: Pryor
Marking by rubber stamps, stamping ink and stencils: Brands: Telos, Coloris, Marsh
Branding: Branding iron for permanent marking of wood, cork, leather and plastics. Brand: ALK
Price labelling: price labelling machines and price labels for product information and pricing of goods. Brands: Towa, Jolly, Blitz, Uno. Also in our range: Meto Checkpoint
Sealing pliers and security seals: For sealing trucks, containers, meters, boxes and many more


The company Anton Margreiter was founded in 1884 in Vienna as a producer of rubber stamps, stamping products and engraved signs. Over the decades, the broad product range has been continuously expanded, adapted and optimized. Nearly 100 years after the founding, the company was awarded the “State Emblem of the Republic of Austria” in 1982.
As part of a realignment of the company in 2001, the range was adapted to the needs of the market and put the emphasis on products for technical marking and identification.
For the past 130 years, Margreiter Technik Hans Hilscher GmbH. assists, advises and guides most notable companies at home and abroad to solve their requirements for product marking and labelling.
Margreiter Technik Hans Hilscher GmbH
Staudgasse 83
A-1180 Wien
+43 1 4791175
+43 1 4709051
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EU, Asia
Contact person
Mag. DI Michael Hilscher
General Manager

It has been a great honour to be allowed to lead the „State Emblem of the Republic of Austria“ for more than 30 years. This award is a great motivation for continuous adaption and innovation of our products and to further impove our quality of service for our company.

Mag. Dipl. Ing. Michael Hilscher,
General Manager of Margreiter Technik Hans Hilscher GmbH