Mag. Georg Kapsch, President of the Federation of Austrian Industries

Never rest on your laurels

Growth, innovation, and above all prosperity because of employment – these notions are generally associated with Austria as a business location, even in times of economic hardship. Especially when it comes to employment, Austria is still doing well by European standards. Political stability and legal certainty, high quality of living, ist central location in Europe and a variety of other qualities are attractive for investors and add to Austria’s appeal. Of equal importance are the right sociopolitical framework conditions which need to be implemented by policymakers.

Yet all these conditions would be in vain if it weren’t for companies making optimal use of them. The innovation, strength and perseverance of our local companies and especially our industry paid off during the economic and financial crisis and brought Austria stability. Even under extremely difficult conditions it helped safeguard jobs, thus fulfilling ist social responsibility. We continue to need this courage, this entrepeneurial spirit and this performance and thus ought to publicly recognise and acknowledge it.

The Austrian coat of arms is such an acknowledgement, awarded to companies for extraordinary achievements – irrespective of sector, number of staff, or global player, for we need concerns of all sizes and sectors to be successful in the long term. They all contribute, and some can boast truly outstanding achievements, they are also motivation. Successful companies continuously exceed their own expectations and know that complacency is dangerous. We shoud not only be content with what we have achieved but continue to excel – then the company as well Austria as a business location will achieve long-term success.