Company profile

We set new standards in the following fields:
  • Lighting design
  • Glass design
  • Metal construction

All our products are exclusively produced in Austria, where we create unique niche products with an unprecedented quality.

Our competence is to design tailor-made sustainable products, which have meaning beyond the fulfilment of purely functional needs; products with poetry, which subtly communicate something that touches both heart and senses, not just by fitting in with the culture, but also by adding a new dimension to it. The ingredients of our luxury range are innovation, complexity work and sustainability.
Our highest goal is to satisfy our clients, suppliers and employees, while profit maximization is only second in rank.

Products and services

The client basis is diverse: the austrian specialist provider develops innovative lighting solutions for public buildings, churches, mosques and conference centers as well as for casinos, ships or hotels. “However, there is one thing that has remained unchanged: our focus on core competencies,” says CEO Harald Kny. The core competencies are: lighting design, glass design and metal construction. Our lighting design ranges from the manufacturing of classic chandeliers to ship and bridge lighting and customized lighting.
Glass design includes glass facades as well as glass partition walls and glass doors. In the area of metal construction, we design and manufacture façade canopies, special staircase banisters and light sculptures.
In all these fields Kny Design uses further innovative state-of-the-art technologies.


In 1958, M. Haupt GesmbH & Co KG, Richard Haupt founded the company.

In 1990 Harald Kny took over the company. At the beginning, the focus was on living room lighting, particularly on Maria-Theresia chandeliers.

Today the programme range has been substantially diversified. Now we offer master plans for mansions, hotels, restaurants, ships and public buildings. Our production and supply capabilities include high quality furniture, decorative lighting for indoor and outdoor use and ornate metal and glass for interior and exterior architecture.

M. Haupt GesmbH & Ko KG
Ramingdorf 23
A-4441 Behamberg
+43 (0)7252 73825
+43 (0)7252 76879
Export/Foreign share
Export markets
Germany, Arabic countries, Russia, China, India
Contact person
Harald Kny

All products of M. Haupt are exclusively produced in Austria, where the company creates unique niche products with an unprecedented quality.

Bearing this state award means a visible sign of appreciation and appraisal making us very proud. We take this award as mandate to preserve tradition and are highly motivated to develop new technologies for the future.

Harald Kny, CEO
M. Haupt GesmbH & Ko KG