Company profile

KNAPP is an internationally operating technology company offering complete intralogistics solutions, automated storage systems and logistics software solutions. Across the globe, countless customers from the worlds of healthcare, retail, fashion, food retail and industry place their trust in the experience and innovative power of the KNAPP group. KNAPP’s innovative solutions have had tremendous impact on intralogistics.

Products and services

In line with their slogan, making complexity simple, KNAPP AG stands for the flexibilization of logistics systems and for optimum processes through automation. The portfolio includes shuttle systems, ergonomic and multifunctional work stations, warehouse logistics software, image recognition systems with vision technology, digital assistance systems as well as solutions for order fulfillment, transport and sortation.

Company history

Founded in 1952, KNAPP has its roots in Styria, Austria, where the company continues to have its home base. Once a two-person business, it is now a high-tech software and automation company, and a much sought-after partner for development worldwide. The success is based on the unique expertise in the demands facing different sectors. KNAPP provides assistance and support to their customers over many years, enabling them to quickly adapt to ongoing changes in the market by expanding their business models with flexible automation technologies.

Federally recognized

The high-quality apprenticeship training programme has a long tradition at KNAPP. The company has trained apprentices successfully for more than 25 years. Currently, about 60 young individuals are being trained in the fields of mechatronics, metalworking, information technology and application development. In addition to comprehensive specialist training, the programme also focuses on promoting team spirit, creativity and problem-solving skills. KNAPP also encourages the apprentices to acquire the Higher Vocational Diploma and gives them opportunities to gain professional experience abroad.

This individual and made-to-measure training programme ensures top qualifications and yields the company’s finest future specialists. More than two-thirds of all apprentices remain with the company after concluding their training, with some later entering executive positions. In appreciation for this commitment, KNAPP was awarded the title “Federally Recognized Exceptional Apprentice Training Company”. In international competitions, the KNAPP AG has already received several prizes, an impressive demonstration of its expertise in apprenticeship training.

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Heimo Robosch
Executive Vice President

“KNAPP has been a stable employer for generations. We offer multi-faceted career opportunities. Starting here as an apprentice, for example, you can take advantage of a broad spectrum of training and career opportunities. As the sites continue to expand, qualified personnel are needed for our locations in Leoben, Dobl, Raaba-Grambach and Klagenfurt. We are looking for entry-level people as well as professionals to work with us on our international projects from Canada to Australia.”

Christian Grabner, CFO KNAPP AG