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KNAPP AG, headquartered in Hart bei Graz in Styria, specializes in intelligent automation solutions and software for distribution and production. The 98% export quotient and more than 1,800 installations worldwide reflect the company’s international nature. Nonetheless, the company is firmly rooted in Styria.

Founded in 1952, KNAPP AG today has more than 4,200 employees worldwide, with 2,200 in Austria. The core industries of the company include Healthcare, Fashion, Retail, Food Retail and Industry. Famous customers such as Marc Cain, Hugo Boss, John Lewis, Pankl Racing Systems or the Würth Group trust in the experience and innovative strength of the KNAPP AG. The company has a global network of 38 locations that ensure optimal customer service.

Products and services

As solution provider, the KNAPP AG is committed to providing one-stop custom-designed logistics solutions. Their core competencies include development, planning, production and installation, as well as after-sales support, consulting and service. KNAPP offers solutions customized for individual sector requirements and customer needs and the company has a leading position in its core sectors and markets.

KNAPP’s pioneering OSR Shuttle™ Evo is state-of-the-art shuttle technology. The OSR Shuttle™ Evo is at the heart of numerous logistics applications, facilitating efficient and space-effective storage, picking, buffering and sequencing of goods, orders and raw materials as well as supplying work and assembly stations.

The ergonomic Pick-it-Easy work stations are designed for the various requirements of different sectors and make it possible to process items in the most optimal way. The multi-faceted Pick-it-Easy work stations are the hub of diverse work processes in the warehouse including picking, handling returns, inventory, 100% checks, and value-added services, providing a permanent increase in efficiency.

Furthermore, KNAPP offers comprehensive services to customers that ensure optimal system operation. With the innovative service portfolio, Smart Services, KNAPP addresses the demands of the sector in the age of digitization.

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Since its foundation, the KNAPP AG has been instrumental in automated distribution and production and, in particular, has pioneered in the field of pharmaceuticals. Over the years, the company has systematically expanded its portfolio and knowledge, opening the doors to new sectors and fields of activity. Above all, the acquisition of the overhead conveyor specialist Dürkopp Fördertechnik in 2010 provided a great reinforcement to KNAPP’s position in the fashion sector. A participating interest in the KHT group of companies in the year 2015 completed KNAPP’s value creation chain in the core sector, Healthcare. Since 2018, the KHT-Apostore group has been completely under the KNAPP umbrella. With Adcommander in 2017, another innovative partner joined the KNAPP group, realizing future-oriented digital concepts for pharmacies and chemists. Almost 60 years of experience and know-how from numerous projects in the various industries make KNAPP a leading technological company in today’s logistics sector.

Federally recognized

The high-quality apprenticeship training programme has a long tradition at KNAPP. The company has trained apprentices successfully for more than 25 years. Currently, about 60 young individuals are being trained in the fields of mechatronics, metalworking, information technology and application development. In addition to comprehensive specialist training, the programme also focuses on promoting team spirit, creativity and problem-solving skills. KNAPP also encourages the apprentices to acquire the Higher Vocational Diploma and gives them opportunities to gain professional experience abroad.

This individual and made-to-measure training programme ensures top qualifications and yields the company’s finest future specialists. More than two-thirds of all apprentices remain with the company after concluding their training, with some later entering executive positions. In appreciation for this commitment, KNAPP was awarded the title “Federally Recognized Exceptional Apprentice Training Company”. In international competitions, the KNAPP AG has already received several prizes, an impressive demonstration of its expertise in apprenticeship training.

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The world of logistics is moving faster and faster. Increasingly complex demands can only be mastered by top-qualified and well-trained employees and specialists. In warehouse logistics and automation, KNAPP is a world market leader. Training and further education, the promotion of young talent or opportunities for further training, such as acquiring the Higher Vocational Diploma, are therefore not only an important concern but are firmly anchored on our company culture. For their dedication, KNAPP was awarded the distinction “Federally Recognized Exceptional Apprentice Training Company” – a recognition that we are very proud of.

Gerald Hofer, MBA