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Heidenbauer realizes projects that combine aesthetics, precision and elegance and are the best the metal construction sector has to offer. Quality awareness is an essential part of Heidenbauer and the driving force within our organization for the execution of our customers, projects. Working with high quality metals in combination with glass has become our core competence.
The Heidenbauer group of companies covers all of the professional trades in metal construction, along with the trades of building tinsmith and bitumen roofers, and consists of these sectors:
Special steel
Metal construction
Meeting the architectural challenges on the highest level anywhere in Europe has been our vision since 1946.

Products and services

The aluminium division is concerned with special design, light metal portal construction, special glass applications, along with aluminium façades of glass. Wall fronts made of plates and sun blinds round off this business segment. The company also offers projects in commercial and industrial structural engineering.
The steel division specializes in the construction of petrol stations and parking garages along with manufacture and assemblies of steel construction for industrial clients, commercial partners and private customers as well.
The special steels division has perfected the construction of high-quality special steel pools. Experience gained in the construction of public pools and leisure facilities is exactly the experience applied to designer pools and wellness oases for private homes or hotels. Heidenbauer is your specialist for medical furniture and up-scale interior decoration as well.
The metal construction division located to the south of Vienna specializes in customized specialty constructions made of steel, aluminium and high grade steel. Our wide range of services includes portal and building reconstruction, projecting roofs, steel staircases, elegant enlargements for shops, elevator enclosures and the refurbishment of buildings protected as historic monuments.
The roofing and wall division offers system solutions for roofs, seals, rainwater drainage and utilization.  This work includes all of the tinsmith work, roof cladding and moulding and cornices and the cladding of air ducts. Yet another sector: façade covering and porches.



Production facility for steel structures was enlarged in Maurergasse, Bruck an der Mur


A new building was erected in Wiener Straße, Bruck an der Mur


Metalworking shop Heidenbauer was established in Feldgasse, Bruck an der Mur


Offices were extended in Wiener Straße, Bruck an der Mur


Acquisition of the Frana company in Vienna und establishment of Metallbau Heidenbauer & Frana Ges.mbH. 1100 Vienna


Aluminum production was enlarged and newly built in Industriegasse, Bruck an der Mur


Viktor Geramb Award for Sound Building


Austrian National Coat of Arms was awarded

Honored by the European Steel Design Award

Production facility 2 was newly built; establishment of Metallbau Heidenbauer & Frana LTD. in Wiener Neudorf


ISO certification according to 9001 and EN 729-2


Technical office was enlarged in Wiener Straße 46, Bruck an der Mur

Production facility for steel structures was enlarged in Maurergasse, Bruck an der Mur


Takeover of the company Lenhardt Metallbau und Dachdecker Ges.mbH., Bruck an der Mur, Brandstetterstraße 30


Facility 2 was opened in Bruck an der Mur, Brandstetterstraße 30


Metallbau Heidenbauer & Frana was renamed to Metallbau Heidenbauer & Blaha


60th anniversary of the company. The company was founded by Mr. Alois Heidenbauer senior on 30 March 1946.


The Pecaver Roof and Facades company in Leoben Donawitz was purchased and integrated into the group.

Establishing a holding structure for the group of companies


Foundation of Heidenbauer Lenhardt Stainless Steel LTD


Investment in machinery in the fields of aluminum and steel production


Expansion of the company Pecaver roofs facades LTD and renamed into Heidenbauer Roofs Facades LTD
Heidenbauer Management GmbH
Wiener Str. 46
8600 Bruck/Mur
+43 3862 53225-0
+43 3862 54008
Contact person
Renate Fritz
Assistant to the Management Board

Being awarded the Austrian National coat of arms emphasizes the importance that we in the Heidenbauer Group attach to utter quality. Our customers expect quality, innovation and the adherence to delivery dates; these are the ideals of corporate culture that we at Heidenbauer live on a daily basis. Thus this award, the Austrian National coat of arms, is an acknowledgement of our commitment to endorsing the values that are fitting for Austria as a location for business.

Batoor Khan, Managing Director of the Heidenbauer Group