Dr. Harald Mahrer, President of the Austrian Economic Association

Day by day Austrian companies deliver products and services of the highest quality. They guarantee jobs, create added value and can be proud of their resilience in times of crises.

In order to give due recognition to these achievements, the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy confers special awards, which raise the profile of the award-winning companies while serving as a positive incentive for other entrepreneurs.

The Austrian federal coat of arms is only awarded to those companies that have rendered outstanding services to the Austrian economy and occupy a leading and widely respected position in their particular sector.

The government award for training companies honours outstanding efforts in apprenticeship training and superior quality in imparting vocational skills and knowledge as well as the kind of key qualifications that are required in any specific field of work. This is the highest recognition presented by the Republic of Austria to an enterprise which provides apprenticeship training. In training apprentices, employers not only help young people embark on a successful career but through their commitment also help ensure the supply of skilled workers in Austria, thus enhancing the innovative and competitive strength of our economy. I wish to thank them for this!