Dr. Harald Mahrer, President of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce

Curtain call for excellent achievements

The achievements of the Austrian economy are manifold: it ensures prosperity in the country, trains apprentices, and gives employment to people. At the same time it drives innovation and technological progress and has a high quality orientation. These achievements also find international recognition. Not without reason are Austrian companies very successful on export markets.

Especially exports demonstrate a phenomenon that has something to do with Austrian and European culture: doing fantastic work without trumpeting it big. Here in Austria we have many “hidden champions”, ie companies that are top league players on the world markets but are little known to the general public.

All the more important, therefore, are awards that call excellent performance from domestic companies before the curtain. Only known achievements turn into models, which serve as an incentive for others.

A very special award is the Austrian coat of arms. It is bestowed on those companies that have made a special contribution to Austria as a location. The awards of the last years show that exceptional performance is not a matter of scales or industry. Numerous small and medium-sized companies from various industries are among the distinguished ones.

I am very proud of the successes of these companies. And in the interests of Austria as a location, I wish that they find many followers who would also achieve outstanding performance.