Dr. Christoph Leitl, President of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce

Exceptional business achievements require exceptional awards

Austria’s businesses do a lot for our country. They ensure growth and employment. They enable high-quality training. They create the foundations for prosperity and social security.

We have Austria’s businesses to thank for our good economic and social performance in these challenging times. Austria’s businesses have not only earned the right to the best economic framework available, but also to public recognition and visible accolade for exceptional services.

With the Austrian coat of arms we honour those companies that have made significant contributions to the Austrian economy. The awards over the past years have shown that exceptional service to Austria is not a question of size or industry. Numerous small and medium sized businesses belong to the award winners. In all segments of our corporate landscape there are exceptional services and achievements.

The strength of our economy also lies in variety. This is why our businesses complement each other wonderfully regardless of whether they are big or small, involved in production or service, have a traditional or innovative outlook or are regional or international! Austria can be proud of their achievements. The Austrian coat of arms gives a public voice to exceptional achievements. On behalf of the businesses. On behalf of a strong business location – Austria.