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Brau Union Österreich distributes more than 5 million hectolitres of beer in just one year with the support of our 18 leading beer brands, over 100 beer types and constant innovation. The company stands for both international premium brands such as Heineken, Desperados, Sol or ciders like Strongbow and Stibitzer, Austrian top brands like Gösser, Schwechater, Edelweiss wheat beer, non-alcoholic Schlossgold and the beers from the speciality manufactory Kaltenhausen, just as well as brands with a strong regional relevance, such as the likes of Zipfer, Puntigamer, Wieselburger, Kaiser, Schladminger, Reininghaus, Linzer Bier, Villacher, Schleppe, and Piestinger. A total of 2.700 employees all over Austria make sure that almost 49.000 clients and millions of beer lovers in the country are supplied with beer.
It goes without saying that Brau Union Österreich focuses on the best raw ingredients, highest quality and sustainable production – both in terms of the environment and society. Brau Union Österreich has set itself the task of creating the best possible beer culture for the future and in Austria, to shape it according to the nation’s social and ecological challenges. Thus, Brau Union Österreich has been awarded the “GREEN BRAND” rating. The flagship project in this context is the “Green Brewery” of Göss, using renewable energy sources in the brewing process. For its endeavours to achieve carbon neutral beer production, Brau Union Österreich was honored with the Energy Globe Austria, the EU Sustainable Energy Award incl. EU public award and 2018 with the edie Sustainability Leaders Award.

Products and services

Brau Union Österreich stands for the production and distribution of beer and other beverages of all kinds, as well as the provision of commercial services and trading in goods of all kinds.

Six of the ten breweries owned by Brau Union Österreich are large breweries. These include the Göss brewery and the Puntigam brewery in Styria, the Schwechat brewery and the Wieselburg brewery in Lower Austria, the Zipf brewery in Upper Austria, as well as the Villacher brewery in Carinthia. These are complemented by the regional speciality breweries, the Schladming brewery in Styria and the Falkenstein brewery in East Tyrol, the Kaltenhausen speciality brewery in Salzburg, as well as the Schleppe brewery in Carinthia.


The BRAU UNION ÖSTERREICH AG was founded in 1998, following the merger between the Österreichische Brau AG and the Steirerbrau. In 2003, the purchase of 33% of the Brauerei Schladming shares followed, which was increased in 2005 up to 90%.
Since 2003, the Brau Union Österreich has been a part of its parent group HEINEKEN, based in Amsterdam, and can be considered as a perfect example of how Austrian companies are able to strongly position themselves in international groups.

Brau Union Österreich AG
Poschacherstr. 35
4021 Linz
+43 732 6979-0
approx. 2,700
Contact person
Mag. Dr. Gabriela Maria Straka, EMBA
Director Corporate Affairs & CSR

Beer is more than a drink; beer is an important part of the “savoir vivre”. We offer with our 18 brands and over 100 kinds of beer the right drink for every occasion, using the best local raw materials to provide excellent beer quality. Tradition and innovation are linked closely together, and with our products we prove day by day that modern consumer needs can be perfectly served with traditional brewing knowledge.

We are proud that we have been able to bear the Austrian national Coat of Arms since the 1960s. Despite or even because of our affiliation to an international group, it has always been our effort to keep up Austrian beer culture and to make it to
the best in Europe.

Mag. Klaus Schörghofer, CEO Brau Union Österreich