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Bakalowits Company, founded in 1845 in Vienna, Austria, has more than 170 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing prestigious, custom made light fixtures for commercial, residential and royal settings. Bakalowits Licht Design stands for best quality ever since and is one of the eldest manufacturer for custom made chandeliers worldwide.
Still family-owned, the portfolio of about 8000 designs includes both historical and contemporary fictures. Combined with an exklusive and traditional know – how and the long experience, the company produces each type of chandelier, ceiling light, wall light, table light, standing lamp or lighting sculpture.

Products and services

Our design department is experienced in all design styles from various periods and cultures and developes historical as well as contemporary lights. Studded with traditional graphics and designs from the time since 1845 as well as the newest modern technologies, Bakalowits is able to manufacturer either own designs, as well as designs from customers or designers/ architects.
PRODUCTION – crystals and finishes
The Bakalowits production staff manufactures the designs using th highest quality materials under the strictest quality control. The workshop in Vienna uses premium quality full cut Austrian crystal glass. The client can select clear or coloured crystal pendants and also can request to use Swarovski or machine cut crystal glass.
Further the products are made in any desired finish (e.g. gold, silver, leaf gold, polished brass, patina, etc.) and colour (e.g. gold, black, brown, white, etc.).
The Bakalowits staff is available to travel worldwide to on-site installations.
Maintenance and repairs are done in the workshop in Austria or also worldwide on-site if requested.
Because of the extensive historical records and the specialists‘ expertise, Bakalowits is able to repair and restore chandeliers and other light fixtures of various styles and periods made by the company itself or also other manufacturers.


The Bakalowits Company was founded in Vienna, Austria in 1845 by Elias Bakalowits. After his son Ludwig joined the company, E. Bakalowits & Sons grew and became one of the foremost crystal chandelier manufacturers in the Austro – Hungarian Empire. In 1892 Ludwig Bakalowits received the order to manufacture the chandeliers for the Neue Hofburg Palace in Vienna for Emperor Franz Joseph I. and was appointed Imperial and Royal Purveyor to the Court.
The company‘s reputation for excellence grew outside Europe, and by 1885 the company was exporting its products to America and Asia. In 1900, Bakalowits & Sons displayed their crystal chandeliers at the World Exposition in Paris. Other exhibitions in St. Petersburg, London, Geneva and Turin followed.
In 1928, the company obtained patents for its crystal chandeliers. During the Second World War, the production stopped in consequence of the war and many products were destroyed.
In 1955 Bakalowits was entrusted with the manufacture of new lighting fixtures for some Viennese buildings that had suffered damage during Second World War. These included the Parliament, the State Opera House, the National Theatre, the City Hall, St. Stephan‘s Cathedral and many others.
In the 1960‘s, Bakalowits extended its business to the Middle East and Asian regions through close cooperation with international architects and designers. Further Bakalowits manufactured the largest chandelier ever built for the Parliament in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Since then, the company has continued to draw a trace of light through all continents.
The company has remained family owned since 1845 and is managed in fifth generation by CEO KR Prof. Friedl Bakalowits.
BAKALOWITS Licht Design GmbH
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Being a traditional company, that carries Austrian hand craft and quality into the world, we are proud to represent the Austrian “Staatswappen”. There is a name for representative, custom made light, worldwide and in Austria: BAKALOWITS.

CEO KR Prof. Friedl Bakalowits
Bakalowits Licht Design GmbH