Company profile

ASTA manufactures high-quality insulated winding material made of copper for electrical engineering in the high-energy sector, so-called Roebel bar conductors for transformers, and Roebel rods for generators. In these areas, ASTA occupies a leading position worldwide.

At our location in Oed, Austria, round wire is formed into flat wires and shaped with hundredths of millimeter accuracy, to customer specifications, insulated with special lacquer, paper or mesh tape and processed into bundle conductors.

Globally active large corporations, such as ABB, SIEMENS, GE, are satisfied regular customers of ASTA. The company focuses on quality and not on volume. As a result, ASTA is able to fulfill individual customer requests promptly and to offer tailor-made solutions.

Products and services

Starting with power generation, ASTA Roebel Rods are used in generator windings. In the field of long-distance energy transmission, transformers of the medium and higher power classes are equipped with ASTA Roebel bar conductors. Other applications for ASTA components include, e.g., industrial and traction transformers, large motors for paper machines and pumping stations or wind power generators.

Components for transformers

Roebel bar conductors and multiple conductor for power transformers for all applications.

Components for generators & motors

Machine-produced Roebel rods guarantee quality, precision, and cost reduction.

special products

For extreme cases, ASTA can offer cooling Roebel bar conductors and Roebel rods with built-in cooling channels.


ASTA was founded 200 years ago and has always been active in the copper business. Since then, ASTA has built a global reputation as a quality and innovation leader in copper supply for transformers and generators.


Founding of the metal factory “Oed” (by Matthäus von Rosthorn)


Acquisition by Leopold STEIN – company gets the name ASTA


World War II. The company is completely destroyed


Reconstruction by Leopold STEIN Jr.


Acquisition by KDAG-ELIN-ÖIAG


Development of Roebel bar production for generators


Acquisition by different companies EEV, T & D Group of VA Tech


grid coated conductors


Acquisition by Metrod


Takeover of ASTA China


Founding of  ASTA India


Commercial production at the new plant in China


Commercial production at the new plant in India


Montana Tech Components AG takes over ASTA Austria, China and India


200 years of ASTA


Takeover of PPE Fios Esmaltados S.A.


Expansion in India

National Coat of Arms

Use of the National Coat of Arms by business enterprises according to §68 GewO (Industrial Code)

ASTA Elektrodraht GmbH
Oed 1
2755 Oed, Bezirk Wiener Neustadt
+43 2632 700
+43 2632 72512
1814 as Metallfabrik Oed
Export/Foreign share
Export markets
Europe, Asia, America, Africa
Parent company
Montana Tech Components
Contact person
DI Christian Grosspointner, M.Sc.
Managing Director

Our organization is characterized by open communication and coordination, continuous transfer of know-how, as well as continuous improvement measures in all these factors.

Therefore, we are particularly proud to receive an award such as the Austrian National Coat of arms, which is a sign of recognition for us for the achievements of all employees, suppliers, and partners.